How to create a chatbot for WordPress?

You have a website, but you are too busy to satisfy your customers in record time and you want to have an instant communication assistant to satisfy your customers. No more worries. Chatbots are the best solution to make your job easier. So how do you create a chatbot for a website? In this article, you will find the answer to this concern.

What is a chatbot for WordPress?

A WordPress chatbot is an application or system designed by a website to address the concerns of customers or visitors to the site in question. It provides automated responses to visitors. Find here the description of a WordPress chatbot, it works according to the indications and messages preset by the creator.

Advantages of the WordPress chatbot

The WordPress chatbot works every day, every hour and every minute. Being a robot, the chatbot responds to all your customers' concerns whenever the need arises. The chatbot allows you to keep a link with your customers by collecting their emails or contact information. It responds quickly to your customers.

How to create a WordPress chatbot?

To create a chatbot, the first thing to do is to identify your target. That is to say, those to whom the bot will be addressed. Then comes the step of identifying the answers for your chatbot. At this level, you have to identify the potential answers to the different questions that will be asked to your virtual assistant. These messages are identified by referring to your offers. Then, you have to choose the language in which the messages will be given. It is recommended to offer several languages to your customers. Other steps will intervene. This is the setting of the peripherals. It consists in training the chatbot itself. After this step comes the testing of your application. Finally, your chatbot must be inserted into your site's information system. However, it should be noted that the creation of your chatbot requires the subscription to platforms specialised in creation and must be entrusted to a professional in this field.