Shape 8: do’s and don’ts

When it comes to going to the beach or having a pool party, every woman likes to capture all regards, be it from men or women. Alas, this is only possible for women with a sexy shape 8 body. Here’s what you should do and not do to get and maintain a curvy body.

Do practice cardio

If you have excess body fat or an overweight body, this will be the first step for you. A curvy line cannot show when there is too much fat. So, you’ll have to practice cardio to burn the excess. For example, you can start with skipping rope, alternating 20 to 30 seconds of jumping and 10 seconds marching.

Don’t neglect what you eat

For a shae 8 body, you should pay great attention to what you eat. Always prefer quality over quantity, and strongly avoid junk food and frozen ones. Focus on healthy foods and eat a good meal every 3 to 4 hours. You should also drink protein shakes, and drink plenty of water, especially during the day.

Do regularly exercise your body

You will not get a beautifully shaped body if you do not exercise. You should work both your upper body (shoulders, chest and arms) and your lower body (butt and tights) to get what you want. Push Ups and tricep dips are perfect exercises for your upper body. For the lower body, you should start with bodyweight exercises with the right amount of weight (not too light nor too heavy). Other exercises will foster your lower body: classic and jumping squats, squat side lift, pelvic and leg lift combo, reverse lunges with knee lift, back leg elevated weight lift, etc.

Don’t give up

Having a beautiful body is not an easy task. Thus, you should not give up because of the difficulty. On the contrary, you should make it a daily routine and keep your efforts and your dedication consistent. Practice as soon as you get up and always look to beat your last workout by challenging yourself.