Top 4 most in-demand IT jobs

Do you find that your job doesn’t pay well enough, or do you just want to start a career in IT? IT is the future, so whatever your actual domain is, you can train or be trained in various branches of IT and get a promotion or a new well-paid job. Here are the top 4 of the most in-demand tech jobs.

Software Engineer

Software engineering deals with the design, building, development, testing and maintenance of software. A software engineer exploits his/her knowledge of software engineering principles and applies them to computer software.

Data Analyst and Data Scientist

When you provide services or products to your customers or after the performance of a new campaign, different types of information are stocked in your log. A data analyst will have to gather all these data, analyze and interpret them in order to help stakeholders establish promising business strategies. A data scientist has a more complex task, as he needs knowledge in math, trend-spot and in computer science. The data scientist develops algorithms to extract the useful data for the business, and manage the infrastructures that will allow them to be optimized and put into production. They are closer to business stakeholders for decisive decisions.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst is the one who bears the company’s sensitive information and data. His role is to protect the organization system’s security on a daily basis and make sure that mission-critical data are safe.

How to become an IT specialist?

In order to become an IT specialist, the most important thing is your skills and competences. Companies and customers want to see if you can solve their problem, if you can do what you say you can do. You can take courses on platforms such as, OpenClassrooms, Coursera, Udemy, Cloud Academy, Google, etc. At the end of the courses, you will be granted a certificate that will be important for your resume.

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