What is the Euronext 100?

The Euronext 100 managed by Euronext is one of the best indices present on the European market. What is the Euronext 100 like? What is its composition? How to invest in the index? Find out more about this index in this article.

What is the Euronext 100?

The Euronext 100 is one of the 600 benchmark indices used by euronext 100. It is the stock market index of the 100 best stocks of the Euronext. Note that Euronext is a publicly traded company. The value of the index fell in March 2020 following the advent of the Corona virus. However, it followed an impressive increase between the periods of May 15, 2020 to May 14, 2021. 

What is the composition of the Euronext 100? Euronext 100 is composed of the top 100 companies managed by Euronext. These companies are present all over Europe. They are updated every quarter (others enter while others leave).

How to invest in this index?

To invest in the Euronext 100, you must first make the difference between the company Euronext, the products of the company and finally the index which is the Euronext 100. After this, you need to:

- Choose a type of investment that suits you. This can be classic index funds, trackers or ETFs or individual stocks. 

- Opt for an investment platform of your choice. This can be a trading platform and online broker, a robot-advisor or a financial advisor. 

Finally, you should follow the evolution of the index to know when to invest or not. The Euronext 100 is the main index of the Euronext stock exchange. It includes the 100 best stocks managed by the company. You can invest on the changes of the index to buy the shares of the companies that make it up.